Sensei Patricia Duggin

Sensei Patricia Duggin can be considered a pioneer of women’s competitive Karate in Britain. From 1988 to 2002 she was part of the British team that won around fifty-three medals at European and World championships.

Sensei Patricia began her Karate journey aged 10 in the style of Wado Ryu with Sensei Sue. After her class was another where Sensei Dave Hogan and Sensei Ian Cuthbert trained. She used to eagerly watch all the action until Sensei Dave invited her to join in. At the age of 16 she attained her 1st dan, and is currently 4th dan.

Sensei Patricia's fondest memory when she went to Paris for the European Wado Ryu championships, which she won. Sensei Ian and Dave were by her side supporting her, keeping the belief going. It made Patricia realise that she could achieve her dream of becoming World Champion.

Patricia believes everyone can achieve in Karate. The self confidence you gain from overcoming difficult challenges is second to none. With the support of your Karate family, it is possible. So go and grab the bull by the horns!


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