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Club Structure & Constitution


Family Club Directors

Ian cuthbert 

Dan cuthbert 

Luke cuthbert 







UKA is a family run club founded by sensei Ian Cuthbert in 1981 with Dave Hogan. Sensei Ian is the chief instructor and directs the club along with his sons Dan and Luke to lead the way. The three work together to strategically develop the association both inside and outside the dojo. The directors support instructors and students to continue the cultivation of the UKA ethos. The directors manage and decide on the use of club funds to support various needs within the association. 


Leadership Committee 

Dan Cuthbert

Luke Cuthbert 

Patricia Duggin

Lynne Aston

Shauna Carroll

Dan Thackray

Jason Marquis 


The leadership committee is consisted of 7 of the most senior instructors who contribute  to the running of the club in various capacities. The committee has various responsibilities including Safeguarding, Social media/website management, Competition entry and Travel Logistics. The committee is also in charge of  Disciplinary and is responsible for code of conduct breaches and can assist in the decision making of the club when needed. 


The committees role is to support the running of the  club  and when necessary meet and vote on various issues. Disputes/complaints amongst members can be resolved by meetings being adjourned and democratic votes taking place in a yes/no anonymous voting system. 


The UKA constitution is to promote the club core values confidence, discipline, fun, self defence and Fitness within the community using karate as a vehicle for personal development.


All coaches, members and parents are held accountable by the clubs code of conducts and terms and conditions. Any breaches of our club policies will be managed by the club directors and leadership committee. 

Breaches can result in suspensions and repeat offences can lead to expulsion from the club. See our code of conduct and terms and conditions for details.

All complaints can be emailed directly to




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