Sensei Nick Karanicholas

Sensei Nick Karanicholas, 2nd Dan, won his very first National title aged 11 and first World title at 14. Nick has won 6 National titles, 2 World titles and been a medalist numerous times.

Nick began his Karate journey with Sensei Ian Cuthbert aged 5. His proudest moment was winning his first National title at 11. It showed him the discipline to train without fail paid off, a lesson has always kept. Through this continued discipline, combined with the guidance of Sensei Ian,  Nick has been incredibly successful in sport Karate, at university and in the workplace.


Sensei Nick went to study economics at the University of East Anglia at 18, where he completed a master degree in industrial economics. The discipline, determination and confidence he attained through years training in the dojo are the main factors that helped him be so successful at university, and his achievements in Karate have always been a talking point at past interviews and looked upon with high regard.

Nick's favorite part of Karate is that the learning is infinite. Not only in learning new moves, but learning about oneself.



Tuesday Classes

Loughton Leisure Centre, Traps Hill, Loughton IG10 1SZ

16:30 Beginners

17:30 Intermediates

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Wednesday Classes

Oaklands School, Loughton, IG10 4RA

15:30 Beginners & Intermediates

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Friday Classes

Braeside School, Buckhurst Hill, IG9 5SD

15:30 Beginners

16:20 Intermediates


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