Sensei Ami Florence

Sensei Ami Florence, 3rd Dan, has won the English National Championships in Kumite a total of 6 times as well as various other National and International Karate events.

Ami started her Karate journey aged 4 with Sensei Ian Cuthbert in Epping. When she was 12 years old, she attained her black belt and won the English National for the first time. In 2008 Ami joined the Essex Police force. She had a varied and successful career as a front line officer, riot trained officer and detective. Karate helped her to handle the physical and mental challenges that came with the job.

Sensei Ami's proudest memory was when she attended a competition aged 14 with UKA but was informed upon arriving that they didn’t have any girls sections as this particular organization did not believe in girls competing. With some discussion and authorization from Sensei Ian and her father she was allowed to enter the boys section, which she then won!

In August 2016 Ami moved to Calgary, Canada and started up her own Karate classes. This has been a very exciting adventure for both her and UKA, and she is loving every moment.