Sensei Adam Carrigan-Smith

Sensei Adam Carrigan-Smith, 2nd Dan, has been very successful in competitions from a young age. He has won English Nationals six times, Europeans three times and World championships twice in kumite.

Sensei Adam began his Karate journey aged 4 years old at the Epping sports centre with Sensei Ian Cuthbert. Adam has been practicing Shito-Ryu Karate with Sensei Ian almost his entire life and through sport Karate has traveled the world representing England in many prestigious competitions. At 12 years old he achieved his black belt.

Sensei Adam's proudest moment was being apart of the winning team at the IKU World Championship together with Sensei Jason Marquis and Sensei Michael Cormack. For Adam UKA is his family. He has made life friends in the club and to be able to not only compete but win with his brothers was an incredible moment to cherish.

Karate is not only about the competition for Adam. It is also about developing other skills that help with the day to day life. Everyday he tries to improve himself. Adam says, "If you are practicing Karate correctly, no matter the grade, you will learn something new".


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